Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Module 2

1). What is one way you could become involved in designing, selecting, evaluating, or implementing an information system in your workplace?

Information systems are a big part of the workplace in the hospital.  We use web cams that allow the parents of NICU infants to see their babies.  We use computers to scan medications against the babies ID to assure that it is the right medication, right dose, and right baby.  One way to get involved in these and other information systems is to help when there is a glitch in the system.  Help look for ways to improve the system and make those suggestions.  Sometimes it just takes someone to see a change that will improve the system and make it more user friendly.  Although it seems like a small thing, it is an important role that each individual nurse or system user can make.

Another way that you can get involved with information systems is to volunteer.  When new systems are being looked the hospital will ask for people to become superusers and help teach the new system to the other employees.  As a superuser you are taught more in depth about the system and can help catch things that need to be changed before it is used hospital wide.  As a nurse that is doing patient care it is important to make sure that the information systems are working well with that setting.  Learning to use the system and helping to make it fit into the clinical setting is one of the best ways to help.

Another way that I think we can help with information systems is to make the hospital or clinic that you work for aware of a system that you used in another place that may work well.  If we as nurses try to make things better for ourselves and our patients. 

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